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Welcome to YOSA - Youth Sports Academy!

The Youth  Sports Academy (YOSA) is a sports organization whose mission is to inspire people of all ages to participate in Olympic and International sports.

YOSA abides by the five Olympic core values: excellence, friendship, respect, democracy and freedom. In teaching sports, YOSA strives to promote cultural awareness and global citizenship among the Colorado and U.S. communities. 

We are a Non-Profit Organization with offices and facilities inside of The Events Center. For Tuition fees Athletes/Students participate, train, practice, and compete in International Sports from Qualified instructors.

2016 Youth Programs -

Volleyball (Indoor & Sand) - YOSA offers year round Volleyball for girls and boys 18 & under.  YOSA has Club Volleyball, Sand Volleyball Leagues, Volley-Kids 6-week sessions (10&under), Intermediate Volleyball 6-week sessions (experienced 12&under), Volley-Lights/Middle School Volleyball monthly session November-April (Middle School practice players) check out all of the programs Click Here

Futsal (Indoor Soccer) - YOSA offers team leagues, club programs, and Futsal 6-week learning/practicing sessions for all kids 18 & under.

Indoor Track & Field - YOSA offers 6-week learning/practicing sessions for all ages 3 and up.

Fencing - YOSA offers 6-week learning/practicing sessions for all ages.

Coming-soon! RMCAA/ YOSA (Totally 80's 5K Fun Run / Walk!) 

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